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Install the Geos One Repository into your Opsi System

you have to add the following code sample to your /etc/opsi/opsi-product-updater.conf configuration

you can choise between the lengthy tested release packages or also help us to find bugs in the packs by also using the testing branch and if you are adventourous you could also add integration that holds the latest builds of the packages that can be broken and be full of bugs

there is also a resticted repository but its not public because of the restictions of the included software (Microsoft Office, ….) (no time to talk to a lawyer for helping to write up an aggreement paper to give you access to the repo)

; Activate/deactivate the repository
active = true
; If the repository is an opsi depot, opsiDepotId should be set
; In that case it is not required (but allowed) to set baseUrl, dirs, username and password
opsiDepotId =
; The base url of a product package repository
baseUrl =
; Comma separated directories to include in search for product packages
; Use / if search should be done in baseUrl
; dirs = public/release, public/testing, restricted/release, restricted/testing
dirs = public/release
; Comma separated list of regular expressions
; If a product package file matches one of these regular expressions it will not be downloaded
excludes =
; Username for connection to repository
; username = dbp
; Password for connection to repository
; password = dbp
; AutoInstall will be checked if a product package is found on the repository
; and the product is not yet installed on the local depot
autoInstall = true
; AutoUpdate will be checked if a product is already installed on the local depot
; and a more recent product version is found in the repository
autoUpdate = true
; If autoSetup is set to true, the action request "setup" will be set for every updated product
; on all clients of the local depot where the installation status of the product is "installed"
autoSetup = true
; Set True if you want only Download packages without installation
onlyDownload = false
; Set Proxy handler like:
proxy = 
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