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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
3cx.softphone aeda28   16 months geos_one Initial Commit
7zip.7zip f3138e   23 months geos_one Bump
adionsoft.fastimageresizer edefc9   5 years geos_one remove desktop icon
adobe.acrobatpro7 011d36   8 years geos_one cirrect smal typos and apply patches on the installer
adobe.acrobatpro8 004177   2 years geos_one Bump
adobe.acrobatreader e00798   11 months geos_one Bump
adobe.acrobatreader9 417026   2 years geos_one Bump
adobe.acrobatreader10 2d7243   2 years geos_one Bump
adobe.acrobatreader11 17b5b3   4 years geos_one Bump
adobe.flashplayer d15324   6 years dennis.trinks removed 64bit browser support, added flash plugin (i.e. for firefox)
adobe.illustratorcs2 085eba   10 years geos_one initial checkin
adobe.indesigncs2 b82cb8   10 years geos_one add reboot request
adobe.photoshopcs2 253515   7 years geos_one windows encoding
alldup.alldup 8d717e   16 months geos_one intial commit
apache.directorystudio c57942   2 years geos_one Bump
apache.subversion 2d9e44   20 months geos_one Bump
artifex.ghostscript f99316   16 months geos_one Bump
atkrufident.syndis 6e401f   7 years geos_one make the window active before sending keys
autoit.editor f8e89c   2 years geos_one Bump
autoit.script 01f4c2   3 years geos_one Bump
bitvise.putty 0f6b38   16 months geos_one Bump
bluegriffon.bluegriffon 008be2   16 months geos_one Bump
bracketsio.brackets 84f76a   14 months geos_one Bump
brother.mfc7320 7b6f93   6 years dennis.trinks added 64bit Driver an cleaned
brother.mfc7360 79ef77   6 years dennis.trinks cleaned
camstudio.camstudio 08c087   16 months geos_one Correct installscript
caprine.desktop b8bdd2   15 months geos_one Bump
cdburnerxp.cdburnerxp c51a68   14 months geos_one Bump
clicktoconvert.iprint 2698a1   15 months geos_one Bump
codeproject.touch 743707   2 years geos_one Bump
danysys.SFTA 13f83d   14 months geos_one Bump
dban.dban 4d898c   6 years geos_one Bump
documentfoundation.libreoffice a2eb17   11 months geos_one Bump
dokan.sshfs 566b42   8 years geos_one initial commit
dokan.userfs 07da7f   5 years geos_one Bump 2cd1bf   8 years geos_one Rename and update
driveroff.winxp e0642e   8 years geos_one Also add 64 bit XP support
dropbox.client 4a5997   15 months geos_one Bump
dvdvideosoft.freestudio 3d78f6   17 months geos_one Bump
emclient.emclient bfc90e   15 months geos_one Bump
fallingleafsystems.alky 4ccfb7   8 years geos_one reboot required
filezilla.client 9b7852   11 months geos_one Bump
filezilla.server 70cc3f   16 months geos_one Bump
fjsoft.myphoneexplorer 3d63ac   16 months geos_one Bump
flir.devicedrivers c01fe7   7 years geos_one Bump
font.bitstreamvera a2e864   8 years geos_one Change logo to wikipedia font info
font.cardo ff36f7   2 years geos_one Bump
font.commodore64 ff3e36   8 years geos_one redigest
font.dejavu 7a90e3   6 years geos_one Bump
font.gentiumplus be8898   6 years geos_one Bump
font.linuxliberation 267412   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder
font.linuxlibertine 7ece69   2 years geos_one Bump
font.ocrab 0e67d5   8 years geos_one change to new opsi builder
font.windowsvista 1a635b   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder
foxit.pdfreader 6c57c6   16 months geos_one Bump
freecommander.freecommanderxe 40db74   12 months geos_one Bump
freedownloadmanager.core a0fa51   16 months isnoguter insert Section LinkFolder_install_DesktopLink_32 and …
fujifilm.finepixviewer b9d365   8 years geos_one working differently the setup program is doing uninstall so check if the …
gitscm.core d7e550   11 months geos_one Bump
google.appssync baca0d   11 months geos_one Bump
google.drivesync 9ac773   15 months geos_one Bump 53d03a   16 months geos_one ne need for old msiid declaration
googlecode.installerget 7ebb03   8 years geos_one initial commit
googlecode.tortoisegit 3c6e1a   11 months geos_one Bump
gpg4win.gpg4win bea71e   13 months geos_one Bump
highcriteria.dictationbuddy 9b852d   2 years geos_one Bump
highcriteria.transcriptionbuddy 804977   2 years geos_one Bump
horstmuc.inifile 3663db   2 years geos_one Bump
icofx.icofx 1d9229   20 months isnoguter change LogDir?; add ProductProperty? desktoplink, custom-post-install, …
imgburn.imgburn 5206c8   2 years geos_one Bump
inkscape.inkscape a02ff0   23 months geos_one Bump
irfanview.irfanview 1b92f2   13 months geos_one Bump
irislink.readirispro12 03dc84   10 years geos_one reboot required
itwatch.itwess f997b2   6 years dennis.trinks cleaned
izf.zitro 40603a   8 years geos_one just add needed config entries
jamsoftware.treesize c9791d   15 months geos_one Bump
jasc.paintshoppro5 453ce2   10 years geos_one reboot required
jitsi.jitsi 11a815   4 years geos_one Bump
jpsoft.tccle df1a49   2 years geos_one Bump
kliu.addpath 704087   2 years geos_one Bump
kliu.elevate f0e121   2 years geos_one Bump
kliu.fontreg 0c2864   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder template
kliu.hidecon e3457f   2 years geos_one Bump
kliu.hideexec 6f9fc3   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder template
kliu.pendmove 14b26c   8 years geos_one correct installer variable
kliu.runinf 86a0c6   2 years geos_one Bump
kliu.vcopy e3adef   2 years geos_one Bump
ldapadmin.ldapadmin dc84d9   2 years geos_one Bump
mattermost.desktop 5645be   11 months geos_one Bump
melk.capslockgoodbye 041c7f   2 years geos_one Bump
melk.colorpicker d08c4e   16 months geos_one Bump
microsoft.capicom c7d26a   7 years dennis.trinks checksum
microsoft.driverkit 9fe731   2 years geos_one Bump
microsoft.excelviewer 3a7c89   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder template
microsoft.hyperv a4ce42   8 years daniel.schwager init
microsoft.internetexplorer8 521015   9 years geos_one should be restricted no need for trouble with microsoft
microsoft.localuser b9cf30   2 years geos_one Bump
microsoft.office2007 899e1f   7 years geos_one no check for exit code for remove
microsoft.office2010 16ea11   2 years geos_one Bump
microsoft.office2013 d5152a   2 years geos_one Bump
microsoft.powerpointviewer 991156   8 years geos_one correct oversight in uninstall script
microsoft.powershell e61352   10 years geos_one distribution not allowed
microsoft.securityessentials 9225e0   2 years geos_one Bump bfc775   11 months geos_one Bump
microsoft.sysinternalssuite e62329   16 months geos_one Bump
microsoft.uphcleanup 0e41cd   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder templates
microsoft.windows8games d7e8c0   2 years geos_one Bump
microsoft.windowssearch ae07e0   9 years geos_one redesign package
microsoft.windowssidebar 3a52ac   8 years geos_one require vcopy
microsoft.wordviewer d1e9e4   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder templates
microsoft.wsusoffline 8448f1   15 months geos_one Bump
mindjet.mindmanager 13eb61   7 years geos_one Bump
mozilla.firefox 08687e   11 months geos_one Bump 31062a   11 months geos_one Bump
mozilla.thunderbird 329e0b   11 months geos_one Bump
mremoteng.mremoteng 670ef3   19 months isnoguter add ProductProperty? install_architecture
mysql.workbench 948df0   13 months geos_one Bump
narod.killcopy 295c6d   8 years geos_one intial commit
nerdcave.taskbarshuffle 86ad52   2 years geos_one Bump
nirsoft.zipinstaller ea4275   2 years geos_one Bump
nitro.pdfpro 7fb969   15 months geos_one Bump
nitro.pdfreader e6e8ef   4 years geos_one Bump
nomachine.nxclient 5f0d7c   2 years geos_one Bump
nomachine.nxplayer 774447   13 months geos_one Bump
notepadpp.notepadpp fdf4ce   11 months geos_one Bump
novell.ifolder 522a10   10 years geos_one reboot required
ntwind.vistaswitcher fdc7bb   8 years geos_one remove desktop icon
nuance.paperport a3c429   2 years geos_one Bump
nyam.imagine 88b2c7   20 months isnoguter save and restore previous custom dir
openvpn.client 0fba76   2 years geos_one Bump
openvpn.config 35e1bd   2 years geos_one Merge branch 'master' of
openvpn.config7 2f1c01   5 years geos_one Bump
openvpn.manager 5348b7   2 years geos_one Bump
openvpn.openvpn ea7511   15 months geos_one Bump
opera.browser 1c86e4   11 months geos_one Bump
opera.mail e3ca6f   15 months geos_one Bump
opsi.admintools 23b3be   6 years geos_one correct wrongly used file
opsi.opsi-builder 1e74dc   15 months geos_one Add new 32bit templates
oracle.java745 14bf43   7 years dennis.trinks cleaned, unistallscript old java versions, testing
oracle.siebel e22379   7 years dennis.trinks cleaned
ordinarysoft.vistastartmenu a0a1cb   10 years geos_one move to testing broken
paintdotnet.paintdotnet b27f24   11 months geos_one Bump
pcwelt.killsansserif 1bf46f   9 years geos_one correct name
pcwelt.runas 4ad6f6   8 years geos_one initial commit of this great tool
pdfforge.images2pdf b9ff00   5 years geos_one Correct uninstall
pdfforge.pdfarchitect 590bf2   5 years geos_one Inital checkin
pdfforge.pdfcreator c256bc   16 months geos_one Bump
pdfprinter.edocprintpro ab38ae   10 years geos_one correct package requriement
pdfsam.pdfsam e19210   12 months geos_one Bump
peazip.peazip a7ab12   12 months geos_one Bump
piriform.ccleaner 8adeb6   11 months geos_one Bump
piriform.defraggler 8e3cca   2 years geos_one Bump
piriform.recuva 213a38   2 years geos_one Bump
piriform.speccy 6517c3   2 years geos_one Bump
realtimesoft.ultramon c91873   2 years geos_one Bump
safernetworking.spybotsd 9fc92f   2 years geos_one Bump
scribus.scribus b229aa   23 months geos_one Bump
sereby.aio 342fe1   11 months geos_one Bump
signal.desktop 611ba8   11 months geos_one Bump
softmaker.office2010 6812a3   9 years geos_one move to new build system
softmaker.planmakerviewer a82570   2 years geos_one Bump
softmaker.textmakerviewer 4695c4   4 years geos_one add new icon
softwareok.desktopok 014231   15 months geos_one Bump
sourcefire.immunet 49b875   16 months geos_one Bump
sourceforge.classicshell 6ce267   15 months geos_one Bump
sourceforge.drvicon b3b093   9 years geos_one rename
sourceforge.foldersize 81b434   8 years geos_one corect scipt names in control file
sourceforge.freefilesync f3c520   16 months geos_one correct exe
sourceforge.freemind 8e2d91   19 months isnoguter change InstallDir? for DesktopLink?
sourceforge.greenshot 17544a   3 years geos_one Bump
sourceforge.projectlibre 00965a   16 months geos_one correc typo
sourceforge.unxutils d02ebb   10 years geos_one initial checkin
sourceforge.xmlstarlet c48adc   2 years geos_one Bump
srware.iron 7c22a9   11 months geos_one Bump
syntevo.smartgithg e4b91c   16 months geos_one Bump
syssel.sevenmizer f8818c   8 years geos_one no copy needed
sysworksoft.vncmanager 0b39d4   2 years geos_one Bump
sysworksoft.vncneighborhood 1b4bc7   2 years geos_one Bump
teamviewer.teamviewer7 6450e9   7 years geos_one Close the teamviewer window after install
teamviewer.teamviewer8 1c2e99   7 years geos_one Bump to latest release
teamviewer.teamviewer9 23a1cf   6 years geos_one Bump to new relase
teamviewer.teamviewer10 adf276   5 years geos_one remove desktop icon
teamviewer.teamviewer11 850ad9   4 years geos_one add teamviewer11
teamviewer.teamviewer12 829e62   3 years geos_one Bump
techtrends.pdfunlocker 0e73ba   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder template
telegram.desktop 1987c4   16 months geos_one Bump
tightvnc.jviewer 4f4e24   4 years geos_one Bump
tightvnc.server 2c6351   15 months geos_one Bump
tigris.tortoisesvn 8ddd26   15 months geos_one Bump
timesynctool.nettime 1c965a   3 years geos_one bump
tplink.wn721n 317a50   9 years geos_one rename
trendmicro.wfbsstd7 ced8e6   6 years dennis.trinks bugfix checksum
truecrypt.truecrypt 18ea23   7 years geos_one no checl exitcode on uninstall
uwesieber.usbdlm d9da54   17 months geos_one Bump
virtualgl.turbovncviewer 38f45f   16 months geos_one Bump
vivaldi.browser d75afe   11 months geos_one Bump
vlc.mediaplayer 9effaf   17 months geos_one Bump
wanderingit.driverguru 4d0f5f   9 years geos_one rename
waterfoxproject.waterfox bbb7e0   17 months geos_one Bump
wickr.wickr 74a0a8   17 months geos_one Bump
windows.2nd-ip e133ff   9 years dennis.trinks exception handling script copy
windows.activation f89d5f   7 years geos_one add nicer logo
windows.domainjoin 9648f6   16 months geos_one change logo
windows.termserver 180374   8 years geos_one update to new opsi builder template
winscp.winscp b4f52d   11 months geos_one Bump
wireshark.wireshark 5ce8c3   11 months geos_one Bump
xnview.xnviewmp 4ee696   23 months geos_one Bump
xpize.xpize da837f   10 years geos_one add reboot request
zarafa.client c7473c   16 months geos_one Bump
zoiper.zoiper 8fd3e8   16 months geos_one Bump
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